Veterinarian Services

A Local Veterinarian You Can Trust

We offer affordable veterinarian care and services to ensure the best medical treatment for the members of your four-legged family! We have a variety of services available, including thorough examinations, in-house pharmacy, radiology, and expert dentistry.

Also, we are now offering K-Laser therapy!

Arrange Pet Checkups

Your pet will be healthier than ever with regular checkups by a professional. Be sure they are growing properly and that there are no underlying health problems

Expert Dentistry Services

Your pets need their teeth to be cleaned just like you do. Your dog or cat will avoid dental disease and bad breath when you bring them in for regular cleanings.

Get Blood Work

If your pet needs blood work, experience the convenience of having it done in-house. You'll know very quickly what is ailing your pet, so he or she can get help right away.

Trust Safe Surgeries

You are rightfully nervous when your pet needs surgery. You can relax knowing that
they are in the hands of highly qualified and caring professionals.

In-house Pharmacy

If your pet needs medicine, it is readily available for you to begin treatment right away. Your pet's health is always our main concern.
Call us to schedule your
veterinary appointment
"Dr. Tucker is the best, most caring doctor I know. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this vet."

- L. Hunt

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